Audio Services

Are you a coach or a speaker who wants to record a podcast or a CD series?

Are you looking for someone to edit your piece of audio?

Do you want voice-over, sound effects and/or music behind your videos?

If you’re looking for something along those lines then look no further! Let’s help you create high-quality audio for things like:

  • Podcasts
  • Radio submissions
  • Audio books
  • CD series
  • Voice-overs

Types of audio services we provide:

  • Editing (eg. Adding sfx, music/getting rid of “umms” and other undesirable audio, EQ to remove rumble or boost clarity, etc)
  • Recording (eg. Recording voice, instruments, atmos and foley)
  • Overdubs (eg. Adding extra audio to a multi-track mix)
  • Mixing (eg. Combining audio and video)
  • Bounce down (eg. Packaging to a suitable, compatible format)

Formats we typically produce:

  • Audio formats: mp3, wav, aiff or aac
  • Bit rates: 64/128/192/256 kBit/s

  • Sampling frequency: 44.1/48 kHz

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