3 May 2017

10 Ways To Bring Out Your Awesomeness On Video

You’re awesome and you know it. Hopefully you’re someone who wants to shine, not just for vanity’s sake but to leverage your profile so you can impact more lives in a positive way. And video is a fantastic way to achieve the first step – visibility.

Because of online video, it’s not so hard to be “seen” anymore, what’s challenging is for your audience to realise the great value you can deliver. Knowing what you can do very well is one thing…getting others to realise that is another.

Here are 10 ways to use the power of video to bring out your awesomeness so your audience can truly connect with the essence of who you are and what you can offer.

1. Connect on an emotional level

One great way is to use emotive language in your video. Humour is one example. There’s also empathy, excitement, passion, etc. Connecting on an emotional level is best achieved by bringing out the human element behind your brand/image. Remember, people like to work with real people.

Don’t just focus on you! Show behind-the-scenes of your work environment, your staff, your customers and the day-to-day happenings since these things build trust and provides social proof. Documenting these elements in your video is so powerful especially in the world of social media today. Take a look at Snapchat and Instagram/Facebook Stories – people like to consume micro events that tell a story.

2. Show how you’re helping others

People follow leaders. Leaders are those who are impacting others on a positive scale and helping people to become leaders themselves. Their influence is undeniable. When it comes to video, bring as much value as you can. There is only so much that you can fit in a short video so don’t worry, you won’t be giving away everything. Lead with what you can give and value comes back to you in return. Simply deliver your message on camera like you actually care for the audience.

3. Showcase your uniqueness

People are attracted to those who are doing great things and stand out from the rest. Every individual has a unique value proposition that he or she can bring to the table. It begins with self-awareness and an understanding of who you are and what you stand for. What do people naturally come to you for? What do people say you’re great at doing? What comes to you more easily than others?

Being congruent with who you are should naturally come out in your video. If you’re naturally creative, honour that part of you. If you’re an entertainer, express it. If you’re an educator, give amazing advice.

4. Be passionate

When people see someone who’s passionate about what they do, it gives them assurance that the person will do a great job. Passion doesn’t have to be about talking loud, fast and with high energy, it can be expressed in a variety of ways. The key is to be yourself, have a genuine love for what you do as well as a desire to help others and that should be reflected on your video.

If you’re unsure about how you show up, look back at your videos or ask someone you trust for a critique. Constructive critique goes a long way!

5. Use story-telling

Story-telling is the one thing that connects and binds us all together. Great story-telling is both an art form and science which can be learned. You need to know not just how to tell a story, but sell your story. This involves understanding how to communicate events and arranging those events in the right order.

The way videos are created today is very much different than 3-5 years ago. Back then, people made decisions based on statistics, data and figures. Today, having the emotional context that stories provide is key to triggering action that comes from the right brain…although you don’t want to neglect influencing the left brain’s logical thinking altogether because case studies, testimonials and social proof are also important.

On social media these days, a lot of attention is going to mini life events. Marketing is no longer so much about creating content (eBooks, infographs, etc) but more about documenting and visual story-telling. Take a look at Snapchat, Instagram Stories and Facebook Stories. People love to consume information in the easiest way possible through these micro stories.

6. Be genuine

People need to trust you and be sold on you first and foremost before they decide to do business with you. There is a greater level of awareness that people have today. People’s bullsh*t radar is so spot on that the “fake it till you make it” principle is highly ineffective. Don’t be someone you’re not. Discover the real you and also have the discipline to ensure that you’re delivering the type of message that is congruent to your brand each time.

This involves knowing yourself and having the emotional intelligence to empathise with your audience, the people you want to attract. So in other words, know your audience! And sometimes, dabbling on too many passions can lead us to being good at everything but never outstanding on one thing. Be yourself and also be mindful of what your ideal audience’s needs are so you know how to deliver the right value to them.

7. Produce high quality videos

Want to truly stand out and be seen as a true professional who takes their business seriously? Then it’s time to take it to the next level and get your videos done properly. Poor video and audio quality can have negative effects on your brand without you knowing it until it’s too late.

Studies show that 62% of consumers are likely to have a negative perception of a brand with a low-quality video. Added to this, a high-quality professional video outperforms home-made videos by 60%, in terms of the measurements that matter like likes, views, share, clicks, etc.

In other words, if your audience truly resonates with your message, they want to watch your video in the best quality available. If you lack the expertise and time to create high quality videos then find a professional to help you.

Now, besides having quality video and audio, you also need to ensure you provide quality content. No amount of SEO or millions of dollars poured into your marketing will save your video if you simply don’t have great content that your audience will want to see and hear. So focus on what they want and need and tailor your video message around those things.

8. Be consistent

Once you have visibility, you want to be remembered. The more consistent you appear, the easier for your audience to recognise you for next time. Inconsistency will create confusion so be careful in the amount of variation you add to your brand. Think simple.

This could mean using the same logo, the same colour scheme, the same profile picture, etc.

9. Find that one thing and own it

When people think of you as the solution to their problem then you’re mastering the market. People have specific challenges that requires specific solutions. Very few “generalists” will achieve the level of success that a “specialist” will. You can’t be great at everything – focus on that one thing and own it! This is the fastest track to creating an easily recognised identity that will attract your ideal audience and build momentum.

Check out our video below:

10. Exhibit confidence

Confidence creates a magnetic presence that draws people in. Though getting in front of the camera is sometimes a big challenge for even the experts. A great way to overcome this fear is to put the focus on adding value to others. Think about it, when you focus on yourself, the questions are: “What will they think of ME?”, “What if I make a mistake?”, “What if I’M not good enough?”, etc.

Your appearance will play a huge part in what people will think of you so ensure you’re looking your best and portraying an authentic image that’s congruent to what you’re about and who you are as a person. Before you appear on camera, it’s useful to also be mindful on what you’re wearing, things like hair, makeup, etc.

Believe that you have tremendous value to give to the world. There are courses where you can practice your camera presence and portraying your energy in an inspiring and influential way. Body language, voice delivery, tone, etc all come into play. Think of your camera as your best friend! A lot of times you just need to take risks, put yourself out there and have the courage to make mistakes and fail. That’s where real growth emerges and valuable lessons learned! People will respect that.

Overall, the key is to be you, contribute your genius and tell your story in an authentic way.

Cover photo by Jacob Owens via UnSplash

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