8 Jul 2017

3 Video Marketing Lessons I Learned From My Wife’s Custard Obsession

Growing up in a regional town called Albury (six hours south of Sydney on the border of NSW and Victoria), my family and I would often go on short-drives to nearby small towns. There’s a historic town called Beechworth located in the north-east of Victoria that my mum is especially fond of, notably for its famous Beechworth Bakery. But it was the pastry, filled with apricot jam and creamy custard, topped with toffeed almonds that we never returned home without.

It’s name is the Beesting. Fast forward a few years and I married my wife who’s obsessed with custard-filled pastries. When we decided to visit my hometown, it didn’t take long until she started hearing about the iconic Beesting and of course, we had to go and try one. Or two. Or three.

As my mouth is watering, here are three video marketing lessons I’ve learned from my wife’s custard obsession and incorporate the teachings of marketing guru, Seth Godin:

1. The Idea That Spreads Wins

In a TedX talk, Seth Godin shares the story of slice bread. We all know the common phrase, “the best thing since sliced bread,” as a way of hyping a new product or invention. But for the first fifteen years, slice bread was unknown until Wonder Bread began spreading the idea.

Its inventor, Otto Rohweder spent his time focusing on the patent and not spreading the idea.

The Fidget Spinner, this year’s craze toy was said to be invented by Catherine Hettinger who filed for a patent in 1993 (which expired in 2005 because she couldn’t pay the fees). It was later stated (although still unclear) that Scott McCoskery came up with the idea in 2015 who started marketing it in Facebook Groups then launched a GoFundMe campaign to spread the idea. Regardless of how an idea was formed, the idea that spreads wins.

As soon as you create your video, you need your audience to see it. On YouTube, the first 24 hours of your video going up are critical. This is where YouTube’s algorithms will monitor whether your video is worth bumping up at the top of Google and YouTube search engines.

Know where your audience are spending their time because this is where your marketing efforts really count. There’s many platforms on social media that can assist you in spreading your videos such as:

  • Facebook (Live, Groups, Pages, your personal page)
  • Snapchat
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Email List

Check out our video to help you gain more views on your Instagram Stories below:

2. Be Remarkable

The product needs to be “remarkable” meaning it’s something people want to remark on. The Beesting’s apricot jam, creamy custard and toffeed almonds is enough to make your mouth drool. Will people talk about your video and does it stand out in a sea of videos out there?

Seth Godin explains that no one takes any notice of cows as they drive past the country roads. However, if there happens to be a purple cow, it will catch people’s attention. Who wouldn’t talk about a purple cow?

When it comes to your videos, you need to create content that your ideal audience wants to see. This involves really understanding their desires and pain points because when you address those specific things, it grabs their attention. Once you have their attention, your content needs to be interesting enough for them to keep watching and if it resonates with enough people, it becomes the point of conversation.

Rather than striving solely on views, focus on engagement. How will your video engage your audience? Live video is a fantastic way to engage people because it simply encourages people to participate as long as you don’t just make it about you.

Use an attractive thumbnail that captures your audience’s attention. You can either choose from the options you are given or upload a customised version. An optimised title that uses key words that your audience is searching for is another must-have strategy in video marketing. Rather than guessing your title, research titles that are working extremely well for other videos.

Think about what your audience are talking about today and try to incorporate that in your videos. Is there a specific event on everyone’s tongue? Do they want to see celebrities? Famous brands? Something funny? Think about who you’re marketing to and make sure its relevant to them. One of our highly engaging videos was a Christmas video I created of my wife and our two cavoodles. People love Christmas, dogs and puppies!

3. Market To Those Who Care

Another thing which Seth Godin explains in his TedX talk is “Otaku”, a Japanese term for people with obsessive interests. Marketing to these people should be your key focus because they are the people that take a huge interest and will likely tell their friends about your video. My wife is otaku for custard-filled pastries.

Gary Vaynerchuk often says that the number one mistake marketers make is they try to sell to the unsellable or convert the un-convertable.

“Find the eighteen that are intrigued. Then, spend your time there, with the eighteen who cared to begin with.” -Gary Vaynerchuk

One of our valued clients averages around 20,000 views per episode for a series of videos that we edit for his company. We’ve created a template that includes an attractive opener, open captions, music, incorporate his company branding and implement a call-to-action. Although not every video with these features will win out.

What my client does so well is that he really understands his niche and he speaks in their language. He only markets to those who are obsessed about his products and service, the groups and individuals who need what he offers and are likely to tell their friends. Our job is to amplify the message in his video so that he reaches more people and is positioned as a market leader.

Most marketing videos that fail are those that do not address their specific audience’s needs. Instead they’re trying to talk to everyone. Think about who your ideal customer is, the individual who is obsessed and will care about what you offer.

You can boost your videos on your Facebook Page for as low as $5/day and create a campaign that targets your specific market, their interests, location, age, etc. Make sure that you check the analytics on your video as well when the campaign has ended. Just go to “Insights”, click on “Videos”, then find your video and you can view its performance like below:

If you click on Audience Engagement, you can see statistics like the top audience and location and then further re-target to those people!

So the next time you plan for your video think about those three important elements we discussed: Make the effort to spread your idea, create a remarkable video and market to those who care. And if you happen to be in Beechworth, don’t forget to try the Beesting!


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