1 Feb 2017

6 Reasons Why Creating Videos Are Powerful In Elevating Your Business

Guest Blogger: Fideliz Cruz

Yes, it’s going to take some time getting used to being in front of the camera, creating content and of course re-watching… and if you’re like me… still feel that “funny” feeling when I watch myself on the replay! That’s all part of the fun! The reward really is in knowing that you’re inspiring, helping and serving those around you and that’s gold! I’ve found making videos for my business has really helped my business grow and become more fruitful as well as get deeper in connection with my clients and community.

Thinking of creating videos for your business? It can either be a Facebook Live video, a once per week on your Youtube channel, or even as simple as a welcome video on your website; creating video content is such a powerful tool to elevate your business and here’s my 7 reasons for you!

1. Connection & Familiarity

Your clients get to see you! You get to connect as if you were right there talking to them! Simple as that! They get to see the real you… how you smile, your gestures and your mannerism. This builds connection and when they see you often builds familiarity.

My note: In making videos, no matter what industry, be yourself! Don’t be too over worried about making little mistakes or try so hard to “look professional”.

This is what makes it raw and real and allows others to be more connected with you! Yes she/he is human too!

2. Helps You Narrow Down To Your Ideal Client

Now this goes hand in hand with the first point of connection and familiarity. As people engage, relate and spend more time watching your videos, it forms a beautiful connection and over time builds relationship that will attract your ideal client.

3. Builds Trust As You Add Value

Of course you will be sharing valuable insights, you will be sharing some amazing ideas and strategies as you start to share your videos consistently. This will build trust and will allow you to use this

platform to continue to add value and help others as a leader in your field.

4. Fast And Engaging

Some people simply just don’t have time to read huge amount of texts. So yes, video is the fastest way of getting your message out there.

5. Easy To Share

One thing I remember when I was reading through some articles was “People share emotions not facts” – I love this soooo much! This is the one thing that I remember when I make videos. Having a video on social media is amazing, but having a video that can connect with people emotionally in social media is even better.

I think simply because everyone doesn’t want to be sold to! We don’t want another advertisement. We simply want to connect and when a video does this, everyone will be sharing it! This is something a video can do in a short amount of time.

6. Further Style Your Brand

Video’s allow you to style your brand even further, through emotions that you might not be able to bring across with text and images. There are many ways to make your branding even stronger through videos by creating beautiful back drops that represent your brand, the music that you use, the style or the way your video is captured, the angles, the lighting, and even through what you wear! Videos are powerful in this way that you can certainly create the feel and the look that you want to make your business stand out from the crowd.

A little nervous making your videos? Here’s a little tip from me! I’m sure there are many more ways videos can elevate your business, and that really comes back down to the foundation of being of service to those around you. Always remember your “why” as you make these beautiful videos and come from a place of authenticity and of service. Don’t be afraid to be yourself, make some little mistakes and share some of your inspiring moments, as well as those “facts” and other valuable information that you have to offer.


About our guest blogger:

Fideliz Cruz is passionate about making women feel their best, by helping them bring out their uniqueness and authenticity through Personal Styling and Life Coaching. It is her vision to see women rise up in leadership in any aspect of their lives, using their gifts and talents to build a life that they love.

Fideliz is a Graduate of The Australian Institute of Personal Styling & Beautiful You Life Coaching Academy. With 10 years Fashion Retail under her belt, She has also run numerous Style Workshops and recently created her Vision Casting & Life Strategies Workshop, which aims to help women create their Personal Life Vision and kick-start their journey towards their dreams.

Find out more about Fideliz on her website: www.fidelizcruz.com


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