13 Sep 2016

2 Sure-Fire Ways To Improve Your Video Marketing

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Show Your Product Actually Works
Here is a clever Demonstration Video by Blendtec showing how to blend an iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

The philosophy behind this is that when you demonstrate a product/service in an honest way, add some originality and even take it to the extreme, it can reassure prospects that you can deliver on your promise. In this case, it’s a recipe for virality.

No fancy graphics or effects here, some added humour demonstrating that it actually works.

The Power Of Video Client Testimonials
Ora-Brush has compiled over 50 testimonials on their YouTube page, most are amateur but proves its authenticity.

A great video testimonial is one that gives a very specific explanation of how your business has met and overcome your clients’ challenges instead of just receiving general praising.

Show real situations that has some substance and will resonate with new visitors!

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