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How It Works >>>
First we need to find out what you’re looking to achieve. Send us an email on – you don’t really need to go into too much detail; just provide us some clarity about what it is you want to create, how it’s different from everything else you’ve done and how you see us helping you. Leave with us your contact information and we can go into detail over a friendly phone call.
Alternatively, you can fill out our interactive online video brief HERE!
During our conversation, we want to know what really excites you about what you’re trying to achieve. Ideally, we want you to already have some ideas of your own to bring to the table and then using our expertise, we’ll make suggestions about how we can truly bring your ideas to life.
Based on our chat, we can both determine if we like the idea of working together. Once we have 100% understood what you’re after, the next step is to create a proposal document that outlines the key things about what we can do for you, the benefits you’ll receive by working with us, when the shoot will take place, the general steps we’ll take you through and the investment price you’ll commit to. Usually we’ll have this to you within 48 hours.
When you do decide to move forward, we’ll just need a deposit to get things moving!
Email us on to find out more about the program so that we can also tailor a package that best suits your business needs!
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