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VIDEO: Event Highlight

We wanted to capture first and foremost the emotional impact and human element, engaging new viewers and acting as a powerful piece of memory for the participants.

“Holy shit this is the coolest promo video ever Luke Hawkins! Amazing! You can feel the emotion and energy all over again! I love it!” –Melissa Cremascoli 

Grateful tears watching this. I had so many mixed emotions going on that day. This video captures everything we were all feeling.” –Carol Johnston-Mollica 
Client: Luke Hawkins

VIDEO: Promotional Video

We wanted to capture the excitement, colour and action behind our client’s “Shadow Fighter” program. We used the Ronin-M for stabilised action shots, various close-ups to create engagement and a single-identifiable character to connect with the viewer. This is one of a few videos we created for Corporate Fitness Centre to assist them with their online marketing.

Client: Corporate Fitness Centre

VIDEO: Workshop Highlight

We wanted to bring out the uniqueness of our clients’ workshop which includes Mindfulness, Modern Calligraphy and Tea. The result is a high-quality video that’s designed to help them stand out in their industry and be seen as true professionals. The video will also act as an effective promotional tool for their future workshops and events.

Client: Kimlligraphy & Amity Created

VIDEO: Testimonial & Event Promo

Our aim is to produce a testimonial and event promo video that builds trust with parents and young adults, generates more business for our client and creates excitement for similar, future events.
We wanted to capture an environment that is attractive for both parents/guardians of young adults as well as the young adults themselves with the choice of music plus showing the participants’ interaction and engagement.

Client: Live Well Wisely Events | Australian Promoters of Dr. John Demartini

VIDEO: Sizzle Reel/About Us

What a pleasure it was to put this video together! Our first intention is to allow the story to move us before we move the story. From that, magic happens.

In this example, we wanted to show the human element found behind Shivi’s brand and company because we believe they will create the emotional connection. The key behind our story-telling includes:

Highlighting the market problem, the customers who the company is serving, the story behind the company’s mission and vision, Shivi’s personal story including his passions outside of the business and a client testimonial to provide social proof. 

Client: Shivi Bhalla | Coach, Speaker & Author


VIDEO: Workshop Promo

We utilised the square dimensions format for this video which was uploaded to Facebook and Instagram. The aim is to attract a cold audience and entice them to click on the link that directs them to a landing page. The video utilises the key elements required to generate attraction – short in duration, fun and quirky.

Client: Kimlligraphy & Amity Created

VIDEO: Workshop Promo

With the launch of our client’s new workshops, we wanted to engage viewers and connect with those who are the ideal participants for the workshops – we believe that there’s no better format than to tell a great story. As a result, the video has been shared by a number of people, generated wide interest and contributed to making our client’s workshops a success.

Client: Kimlligraphy | Modern Calligraphy • Hand-Lettering

VIDEO: Testimonial & Event Promo

During the recording of this video, Juliette Jones is not only the 14 year old co-founder of CSJ leMoNaiD, but also the youngest member of renowned Entrepreneur Development Program run by Founder of The Entourage and BRW Young Rich List member, Jack Delosa. Our aim was to create a highlight video for Juliette’s first keynote speech that brings out the emotional impact of her story and position her as one of the young entrepreneurial leaders out there.

Client: Juliette Jones | CSJ leMoNaid

VIDEO: Short Documentary

Using first-person narration, story-telling, in front of an incredible backdrop with inspiring music, we created 2 versions in its native widescreen format and square format optimised for Instagram and Facebook. The video so far has garnered over 1,000 views on Instagram. Song credit ‘Om Tara’ by Jaya Lakshmi.

Client: Sarah Mason | Yoga Teacher & Founder of Green Wild Tea

VIDEO: Book Promotion (An Author’s Perspective)

Having created the initial trailer for Samantha’s book (which since helped her generate 100 reviews, 60,000 downloads, and even a brief stint at No.1) we decided to bring out the human element behind her brand. People look to connect with real people. As screens get smaller in today’s technology world, close-ups, extreme closeups and other details have become a must to generate an emotional impact.

Client: Samantha Wood | Author

VIDEO: Instagram Promo

An Instagram promo video for Kimlligraphy, a Sydney-based modern calligrapher and hand-lettering expert. Our aim is to highlight the beauty and therapeutical nature of the craft. Accompanied by classical music, we also want to give viewers the same experience our client has when immersed in her passion – a great sense of calm and being in the moment.

Original Instagram video in square format.

Client: Kimlligraphy | Modern Calligraphy • Hand-Lettering

VIDEO: Promo & Education

Live Well Wisely Events is soley dedicated to serve Dr. John Demartini’s work. Here, they wanted a series of videos to capture Demartini’s inspiring message to young adults as part of his new program. Our aim was to create a high-quality video utilising 2 cameras with a simple opener and CTA. The objective is to capture Demartini’s full message in a simple but effective manner that connects with the hearts and minds of young adults today. It also designed to excite other companies who work with young adults to deliver Demartini’s work through their organisation.

Client: Live Well Wisely Events | Australian Promoters of Dr. John Demartini

VIDEO: Promotional Video

Another series of videos we created for Corporate Fitness, this time showcasing their “Corporate Fighter” programs. We wanted to bring out the story and message of each presenter because these single, identifiable characters are what the viewers will connect with the most.

Client: Corporate Fitness Centre

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